Mellisai Music Review


Cast:    Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie
Direction:    Ranjit Jeyakodi
Production:    Deepan Boopathy, Ratesh Velu
Music:    Sam.c.s

Vijay Sethupathi is in the news yet again, after his naanum rowdythan songs making super duper business his next Mellisai is also in the making. Also with Gayathri in the lead, the music has been composed by newbie Sam.

Vellai Kanavu

Singers : Hariharan, Harini

Lyricist : Ranjit Jeyakodi

A slow and beautiful guitar blend flute starts off this melody on a feather weight light note, the background mesmerizes like the days of Jesudas songs. The newbie Sam strikes well on the low level note, Hariharan is a delight as always. A special mention on the flute before the charanams, the song just flows like a dreamy duet that talks highly of the new born love.


Singers : Maria Kavitha Thomas

Lyricist : Madhan Karky

Maria Kavitha has crooned this classic solo which goes off with slow rock, Madan Karky has penned the lyrics by showing why girls edge over boys and various scenarios. What better way to show this than by composing like a live-acoustic performance, Lola is just like that for the girl to jazz up her thoughts positively. The live drumming through the theme of the number gets the song in the groove. A little more energy would have surely made heads turn.

Parakirren Naan

Singers : Srinivas, Maria Kavitha Thomas

Lyricist : Madhan Karky

Another Maria and Madan karky combo with Srinivas is like a dreamy song with dreamy lines of love, lust and what not. The song’s ambitious guitars,muffled echoes and occasional thabala makes it peculiar from the rest, added to the pianistic sequence between interludes is the key. A song that looks to be tailor made for the visuals, doesn’t improvise much after a promising start however and somehow Srinivas’s classical voice appears misfit.


Singers : Haricharan, Shreya Ghosal

Lyricist : Sam. CS

The start note with a violin is a genius from Sam, using Shreya Goshal and Haricharan for this foot tappy melody is sweet. Shreya Goshal’s vocals mesmerizes through this cupid number, the composer has put some brainy bass levels for this song and as usual the live chords dawns now and then. Shreya Goshal revives what could have been an ordinary melody with her lovely voice.

Take Me higher

Singers : Suchit, JK, Maria Kavitha Thomas

Lyricist : Madhan Karky, Jeyakodi

The English version of Parakirren naan, Maria’s voice is simply a wonder struck revelation, she sizzles as in the tamil version. Pretty much the same tunes, making few alterations to suit the english version.

Mellisai Theme

Singers : Chennai, Orchestra

Lyricist : Vishnupriya Ravi

After a series of melodies, the theme takes a pensive mood with a high drama staged orchestration, starts slowly and reaches the high notes touch bases with few of the tunes from the songs. An interesting composition that screams sadness at the violin segment before the climax of grand symphony finish.


Singers : Andrea Jeremiah

Lyricist : Madhan Karky

Andrea croons the other Lola version, with a stylish touch in contrast to how Maria stole the show for the other version. Both the singers exhibit difference crystal clearly for the other Lola is done with slow rock, but Andrea’s version is packed with energy and enough metallic performances to make this a more enjoyable version.