Naanum Rowdydhaan Music Review

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

Cast:    Vijay Sethupathi,Nayantara,R. Parthiepan
Direction:    Vignesh Shivan
Production:    Dhanush
Music:    Anirudh Ravichander

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Naanum Rowdy Than : Anirudh is back with a bang for the latest album directed by Vignesh Sivan which has Vijay Sethupathy, Nayanthara and Rj Balaji in lead roles. The songs are chartbusters and shows that Anirudh the rockstar is here to stay.


Anirudh takes the microphone for a breezy solo that is draped with enough guitar and strings to make this number seem tailor made for a modern day Romeo. As much as we try to admire the guitar section, the lovely violin solos between the interludes steals the show. Added to the B & W ponnu is simply delightful from the word go. Anirudh’s strength has always been his fusion and the record mixes, Thangamey is one such example.

Neeyum Naanum

This track is simply irresistible in terms of every single other aspect. Anirudh waves his magical composer wand for which Neethi Mohan vocals blends into the act very much well. The slow and sweet take through the rhythym hooks the listener, even though Anirudh too has a significant portion of singing, the track itself appears to have an edge on the female voice, thanks to the beautiful sarangi and bits and pieces of Kanjira.

Naanum Rowdy Thaan

The title track is something synonymous to Anirudh’s reputation, for every single time he has brought out a difference in the presentation and keeps adding the list to his signature. For this song, its Benny, Anirudh and Shakthishree Gopalan playing sport for this small 2 minute track which is ridden with the usual Rajini references. The brass and occasional trumpet gives the number a retro feels added to some hilarious lyrics from the director himself.

Yennai Mattum

Yet another romantic coming of age song pops out like the fresh popcorn with deliciously clad music. The song is reminiscent of a Enoddu nee irunthal and few other tracks, that said Anirudh melodiously weaves out the charanam through the end. As again his electronic fusion and reference to other songs is the key, with this he references the Naanum Rowdy Thaan title track.

Kannae Kannae

The end song is a delight, right from the word go. The folk signature is significant and Sean has done a fab job in crooning it. After composing for a series of mass movies, these melodies remind us back of the youngster from 3, for the freshness is in the rythym with every single interlude through to the end.

Verdict : Anirudh breathes freshness in Naanum Rowdythan