Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum Review

Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum

Cast: Jai, Yami Gautam, Santhanam
Direction: Prem Sai
Production: Gautham Menon, Reshma Ghatala, Venkat Somasundaram

Actor Jai needs a compulsory hit to retain his position as a commercial hero in Kollywood and at this time his long delayed film ‘Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anajalum’ which has been produced by director Gautham Menon has released. Debutant writer director Premsai has attempted to give a thriller with all commercial ingredients and has managed to give a film that sustains the interest of the audience till the end.

Tamilselvan (Jai) comes to Chennai in search of a job and stays with his sister and brother-in-law (VTV Ganesh). He keeps wandering between many uninteresting jobs. He meets Kavya (Yami Gautham) a sales girl at a Kadhi shop and instantly falls for her. He takes up the job of a courier delivery boy with the help of his friend Naasa (Santhanam) who already works there, to meet his love interest everyday in the pretext of delivering courier.

We are simultaneously shown about a medical crime network indulging in illegal extraction of stem cells from pregnant women. This network is lead by Arun a doctor cum scientist in Europe (Ashuthosh Rana).

A courier, exposing this crime reaches the hands of Tamilselvan and Arun’s men are on the run to stop this courier from reaching its target at any cost. This leads Tamilselvan into a death trap.

Does he escape and expose the criminals is what you have to watch in theaters.

The film touches a new concept of stem cell extraction and this is an interesting choice. The details of why and how it is done and why it is a serious crime have been well explained. The thrill factor is also retained in most parts. The film’s running time is thankfully short at just an hour and 52 minutes.

Too many scenes have been allocated for hero’s efforts to woo this girl. Though a few of them manage to bring a smile, overall we get the feel of watching something highly run of the mill. The saving grace is that certain things happening in these scenes have been cleverly connected with the thrilling proceedings of the second half. The first half is also filled with comedy sequences involving Santhanam and VTV Ganesh with Jai and trio manage to raise ample guffaws.

The interval block makes us sit attentive and put on the seat belt expecting a roller-coaster ride. We get some really nail-biting moments. The script writer has also cleverly inserted Santhanam’s laugh worthy comedy scenes in these sequences without affecting the flow of the story.

The over dependence on convenient turns, logical loopholes and climax moving on expected lines dampens the impact of watching a thriller. Convenient turns are of course allowable to a certain extent in commercial flicks. But not so much to accept this- a mobile phone accidentally falls down while ringing; the call gets connected and by that an important conversation between criminals gets out of the room.

The film narrows down to a ‘boy next door turning as a larger than life hero’ narrative in the climax sequence where we expect something extraordinary to happen.

Despite all these flaws, the film manages to retain the audience interest till the end with its share of thrill moments and entertainment.

Jai has done a neat job as he portrays a ‘normal man getting into an abnormal situation’ which he has already done in his earlier films such as ‘Vadacurry’. Yami Gautham looks good and her expressions are apt. Santhanam and VTV Ganesh give their best and succeed in making us laugh. Ashuthosh Rana is menacing as the suave villain. Nasser as usual excels in his role of an anti-corruption crusader and Thambi Ramaiah as a kind-hearted hospital ward assistant makes a mark.

Music (songs) by Karthik is just passable. Sandeep Sowda and Akshath have done a good job in background score aptly fulfilling the requirement of a crime thriller. Sathya Ponmar’s cinematography fits the bill while Praveen Antony’s Editing ably supports the fast paced narration. Dhilip Subburayan’s stuntchoreography deserves plaudits for keeping it simple and as realistic as possible.

Verdict: ‘Tamilsevanum Thaniyar Anjalum’ is a watchable commercial thriller that involves a new concept of stem cells. If more attention was paid for the credibility aspect, this would have been the best of thrillers.